Video Aduh comel je Adik Fatimah & Adik Ali wish happy birthday kat atuk dia.

Saksikan aksi 2 cucu ‘’ sampaikan ucapan hari lahir kepada atuknya di Kedah. Tak sangka na, adik Fatimah & adik Ali pandai jugak cakap Kedah…

Hello Monday…it’s time to sparkle & shine!

Adik Fatimah cakap atuk tak boleh ‘cake-yaq’ auk hanya boleh minum ‘ayaq’ sajo. Adik Ali pula pesan ‘atuk jangan loqlaq atuk, loqlaq, loqlaq atuk’.

Anda pasti terhibur dengan telatah adik fatimah & adik Ali ni… Jangan tak tengok ya!

Alhamdulillah..tahniah kepada seisi keluarga..

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Today is my Atuk’s (paternal grandpa) birthday! On behalf of my family, I would like to wish him a very happy birthday!


Happy Birthday Atuk! As another year passes, may God protect you and fill your life with happiness. May you always be in best health and may you be gifted with a long life. May more rewards come your way and may all your kind acts be accepted by God. May He reserve you the best place in Heaven! Ameen

semoga datuk fatimah sentiasa sihat hendaknya. jangan lupa komen yang baik – baik ye.

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